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FREE GROUND SHIPPING (in USA) on orders over $150.

FREE GROUND SHIPPING (in USA) on orders over $150.

FREE GROUND SHIPPING (in USA) on orders over $150.

More than blue and white striped seersucker.

By Laurie Haspel

There’s more than blue and white striped seersucker. 
Traditionally a seersucker suit is known by its signature blue and white stripes, because this was The Original and popularized in the early 1900’s by my great-grandfather Joseph Haspel, Sr, who was known for being a fabric innovator in the men’s fashion realm. His seersucker wash-and-wear suits have graced the physiques of Gregory Peck, Cary Grant, and nearly every President since Calvin Coolidge.  

We value our traditional roots and vibrant heritage, but innovation is in our genes. Our well-beloved puckered seersucker fabric was a great base for experimenting with different colors, fabrics, and application thus birthing our colorful tapestry of seersucker stripes. Our seersucker collections have grown and now include navy, light blue, red, tan, gray, purple, and green seersucker striped suits. We love our stripes, but we could not stop there.

Tonal seersucker is our favorite new wardrobe staple. Our plaid seersucker, solid seersucker, and even screen-printed seersucker are about to be fully eclipsed by our brand new solid black seersucker aptly named Black Pepper assured to spice up your closet. While our new black seersucker might not fully eclipse our love affair with tonal seersucker, it’s sure to become a mainstay in our perennially available seersucker suits.   

Expanding our offerings to include more patterns and even solid fabrics brings alive the highest quality seersucker fabric on the planet. And if the fabric doesn’t do what we want, we redesign the fabric as well. Our all-new stretch seersucker was taken back to the Italian mill several times to create the most exquisite seersucker pucker on the planet and provide a little extra stretch for comfort. Stripes are the classic, but not the only mainstay for seersucker.

I am often asked which seersucker color is my favorite. Trying to pick a favorite seersucker suit is like trying to pick a favorite child. Each look is unique and each one is filled with so many fond memories and so much style potential. Seeing how all of our Haspel friends, family, and fans choose to wear their seersucker is truly my favorite seersucker pastime.

Watching Joe Burrow select a purple seersucker off a rack of samples in our Haspel showroom for one of his Heisman weekend looks was one of my top purple seersucker moments. Seeing a sea of senators each year for National Seersucker Day draped in milk and sugar seersucker are my proudest blue and red patriotic seersucker moments. White seersucker reminds me of our seersucker celebrations in New York and New Orleans with friends of the brand like Carson Kressley. Every seersucker style has a story and each one has its own style just as unique as the friends who wear them.

Seersucker, much like all of our clothing, becomes an extension of ourselves and a beautiful way of expressing of our own unique personalities. Finding the right suit can be like finally finding a part of yourself you always knew existed helping you to become one step closer to being completely comfortable in your own skin.

Want to feel a little playful and bold? Full seersucker striped suit. Want to embrace the classics? Blue stripes are the way to go. Need to liven up your work-day wardrobe? Throw on a navy seersucker sport coat. Want to stun on your night out? Solid black seersucker head to toe is the way to go. Special occasion? Try a seersucker tuxedo. Going to the beach? Any of our seersucker shorts. Casual date night? A seersucker shirt is the ticket. (Tip: An irresistibly touchable fabric by the way. Some have said that seersucker is a powerful aphrodisiac.)  I could do this all day.

Whatever adventure or lack thereof, seersucker has got your back…literally. There’s more to life than polos and khakis or tees and jeans. Explore and express all the vibrant sides of your personality and discover all the unique offerings seersucker has to offer and discover your uniquely-you seersucker style. Our Haspel motto has always been “Clothing made for a good time”. Whichever seersucker you choose, make it yours. We’ll bring the clothes; you bring the good time. Damn right!

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